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Bermuda is becoming unkempt

Many roads are bumpy and uneven, a reader says, while weeds and plants are overgrown across parts of the Island (File photograph)

Dear Mr Editor,

A friend of mine just visited after living here and could not help but notice how unkept Bermuda has become. I agreed.

Driving around my Bermuda home, I cannot help but notice the rapid deterioration it is going through.

Government properties such as post offices and graveyards are neglected and falling by the wayside. Weeds and cane grass are taking over almost every little road, and on the whole our infrastructure is crying out for attention.

Two cars have difficulty passing each other in many spots, as trees and overgrowth block their path. There seems to be very little work being carried out to enhance or just maintain our roadways and foliage.

Roads are bumpy and no longer smooth. What is the problem? There has been much rain, but that has not prevented us in the past from keeping up with the increased work needed.

What are our well-paid staff doing during their work hours? Is management managing or are the workers just biding their time and getting paid? Is there a lack of equipment or is it just plain laziness? What is the problem?

We have more staff now employed in the government agencies responsible than, say, 30 years ago, but we look worse.

Why? With the amount of manpower and equipment at our disposal, we should be looking clean and pristine.

There are some hard workers taking pride in their jobs, but are there also some who take their jobs for granted and do not perform to a reasonable level.

Those who show up for work on time and do an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, do not be offended.

However, those who do not, pull up your socks. We taxpayers deserve better.