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Not all schools ready for return of students

Back to school: Freshly painted walls and refurbished floors and bathrooms greeted pupils at Victor Scott Primary School, above, when they returned to class, but a reader says not all schools were as welcoming, highlighting overgrown vegetation by the roadside near West End Primary School and Sandys Middle School, and knee-high grass in school grounds (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Dear Sir,

Our children and teachers alike were excited to begin the new school year. Our Government announced that the schools were in readiness to start the new school year, but what do they classify as being ready?

I live in the western end of the Island, on Scotts Hill Road, Sandys, where there are two schools — Sandys Middle School and West End Primary School. Before even getting to school, the neighbourhood children walk down Scotts Hill Road and are out in the road in the line of traffic because of the overgrown vegetation on the roadside.

At West End school, once you enter the grounds, you are greeted by knee-high grass that has not be mowed all summer.

I have contacted Works & Engineering, which states that it is getting to this problem soon. Is this the welcome our children and teachers expected on the first day of the school term?

Is your lawn at home so overgrown that you have to plunge through high, wet grass to play? If not, why should our children be subjected to this treatment?