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Rev Tweed has misjudged Bermudian public again

Reverend Nicholas Tweed (File photograph)

Dear Sir,

Disbeliever’s letter (August 28) about the hypocrisy of the People’s Campaign, trying to stop people talking about its claims that Bob Richards’s libel suit was an attempt to shut down their freedom of speech, must have been hot news for many people.

The Reverend Nicholas Tweed has misjudged the Bermudian public again.

We weren’t ready for a socialist pressure group in the first place, and we certainly weren’t ready for this kind of dirty trick.

Derrick Burgess got it right in the House of Assembly when he said most foreigners don’t understand our business enough to get mixed up in it — or something like that.

As one of the people who made a comment on Disbeliever’s letter said, Jason Hayward is a young man who has got in with some bad company. He should get out of the People’s Campaign and pay attention to his BPSU job.

I have a couple of things I can add to what the public know about this attempt to shut down talk about the People’s Campaign press conference.

First, I notice the PLP has not jumped in to defend Mr Tweed and his mates — once, you would have thought they were cut from the same piece of wood. What happened, Marc?

Second, I’m told that the lawyer who sent the letter around, telling the media to shut up, was Chen Foley, of Sedgwick Chudleigh. What’s your problem, Mr Lawyerman? I thought you were also a volunteer worker for the Centre for Justice. Would they have approved?