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Police should have unsightly signs removed

Appearances matter: It is important to keep roads such as South Road, pictured, clear of unsightly signs, says reader David Saul

Dear Sir,

I note that the Commissioner of Police has instructed members of his force to come down strongly on the temporary banners that deface many of our roads.

May I suggest that the commissioner would do much more to improve the beauty of Bermuda if he was simply to enforce the law of the land, which has been in existence for decades, but which has been blatantly ignored for years.

I refer to the signs that litter the Island’s roadsides and make Bermuda into something akin to a US “strip mall” and reflect badly on our tourism product. Bermuda law clearly makes it an offence to have any sign along the highway that “can be seen against the skyline”.

Despite this fact, one can drive around Bermuda and see signs, of all shapes and sizes, which violate this law.

One has only to drive along South Road and see signs, from Harrington Hundreds to the Warwick gas station, including churches and restaurants, blotting all or part of the skyline.

I can remember the late “Nobby” Clarke, when he was Commissioner of Police in the 1960s, stopping his own car and reminding the violator personally of the law — with the result that the ugly, and illegal, sign was speedily removed.

As we clear the “temporary” banners, may we have the Police enforce the law and have these unsightly, “seemingly permanent”, signs also removed.

Mr Editor, a drive along the South Shore by your photographer will help to highlight my case.