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Young hospitality staff treated unjustly

Dear Mr Editor,

I have been hearing over the past few years that there are not a lot of young Bermudians in the hospitality industry and I am more than certain I know why.

Over the recent years, I have worked at three very popular hotels in Bermuda and I have witnessed the cruelty young people face in this industry (not just young people).

The mental and emotional abuse the workers are subjected to by their managers is sad.

They are made to feel their jobs are inferior, which is the total opposite. The ones that are actually in the hospitality industry are those who serve the guests and interact with them more than a hello, which most managers don’t.

Hospitality means the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way. The question I have to ask is, why is it that a country that is known for its natural, hospitable ways is struggling to attract young people in the hospitality industry?

What are the benefits if a young person does join? If one starts a new career as a room attendant or bellman, the chances of advancing are slim to none, especially when people are hiring only for the summer.

Sadly, Bermuda is facing hard times and many, especially young people, are trying to have full-time jobs to save and survive, and that isn’t possible if they are being hired only as temps.

Bermuda needs to focus on the unjust and ill treatment a young Bermudian would have to face (silently while living in fear of losing a job) while working in the hospitality industry.