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Uzimon should be applauded over stand

Man of the people: Daniel Frith, aka Uzimon, deserves praise

Dear Mr Editor,

There has been plenty of conversation on talk radio and on social media platforms regarding the America’s Cup. This includes taxpayers’ investment ($77 million to date promised) and the projected economic injection that the event supposedly will provide.

The latest debacle is the America’s Cup Jam slated for October 17. It features three artists well past their prime. Yet, the event co-ordinators have decided to charge the general public A-list artist pricing of $100 and $300.

What demographic, in very difficult economic times, have $100 to spend on entertainment? Not many!

At best, this event is an advance ticket of $60 to $65 and regular admission of $75. Organisers, of course, will argue, “Who are they to dictate what price we charge? They don’t know our expenditures, etc.”

We all have daily economic decisions to make: bring leftovers for lunch or spend $15 on lunch. Get a coffee for $1.50 to $2 or spend $5-plus at Devil’s Isle. It is personal choice.

Daniel Frith, aka Uzimon, should be applauded for taking the stand he did in refusing to participate unless the price is more affordable and local acts included.

Apparently, the original plan or talk centred on embracing grassroots Bermuda. Translation: How can we get the average Bermudian excited about the America’s Cup? How do we involve them and get them to embrace 2015 and then 2017?

The idea of a free concert was discussed. But no, let’s target a socioeconomic group that has excess income to spend. That means that grassroots Bermuda has once again been alienated or excluded.

Ironically, the One Bermuda Alliance and the Bermuda Tourism Authority will remain silent and hide behind the America’s Cup Event Authority. One would think that their initial input and suggestions would be vital given the economic investment of that same $77 million. They will not comment or might utter, “it wasn’t me”.

Mike Winfield, head of the ACBDA, clearly is out of touch with local pricing of international acts that come to our Island annually. This includes those who graced our shores for Heroes Weekend and the plethora of talent over Cup Match, as well as the most recent Bermuda Salute.

Some of these events were free, through BTA assistance, and others were as low as $50 in advance if purchased early.

It appears that the correct questions were not asked to the relevant individuals who provide annual entertainment for locals and tourists alike.

With that said, I hope that those who have $100, $300, $15 for lunch and $5 for a coffee enjoy the jam! For all others who cannot, spend time with your family and over a healthy meal explain to your loved ones that some things are for us and some things just are not.

Some have and some don’t. A reality of life.

It’s a Wild World.