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Hatred by colour has no redeeming qualities

Controversial talk: Ayo Kimathi spoke about race and homosexuality

Dear Sir,

It was sad to have my impressions confirmed that the event hosted at the Liberty Theatre recently would be speech promoting hate.

What is especially disturbing is that Bermudians of stout Christian faith are so silent on matters of the most overt spreading of racial and homosexual hatred and discrimination.

If we have any semblance of honesty, we would admit that if two white foreign nationals did what these men were able to do in our country, it would incite violence and not applause with the most spirited defence for these enemies of racial unity. This most unfortunate address should give the black community of faith valid reasons for outright condemnation for the very divisive and nasty attitude of vengeance for past atrocities.

Those of us who welcomed this divisive discourse drank from a poison chalice.

This country is Judeo-Christian; you will hear it on every street corner and even in offices where born-again Christians discuss their faith and church activities.

Where it concerns issues of right and wrong on race, we are shy and reluctant to offer rebuke when it is clearly necessary to call it out when it involves “certain people”.

I carry no brief for the LGBTQ community, but defend its right to be heard and treated with decency and dignity in a world spiralling in a vortex of the most liberal interpretation of morality.

I am amazed at what constitutes a good Christian in this new millennium revision of divine directives for being in what is now determined as being in good standing as a Christian.

We must say no to same-gender nuptials and the redefinition of the family as is now the case in larger misguided jurisdictions.

Hatred by skin colour has no redeeming qualities and can lead only to a race war if we do not take a hold of ourselves.

I call on my brethren to speak with a louder voice underpinned with conviction for the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God through the salvation that only Jesus Christ offers.