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‘You may say I’m a dreamer but ...’

Legendary song: John Lennon’s Imagine

Dear Sir,

John Lennon’s song Imagine is legendary and I don’t suppose we would put ourselves in any danger if we were to use it for a little imagination. So can we engage in an exercise using this media as a medium to express some imagination? Let’s make a song of it in any key you like.

Imagine if all political parties were publicly regulated organisations and not private clubs.

Imagine if every constituent had the automatic right to participate and be nominated or elected to any office within the party.

Imagine if every four years, any constituent can be nominated by constituents and elected as party leader.

Imagine every constituent by virtue of having attained the age of 18 having the right to nominate a person as leader and participate in an election to select the party leader.

Imagine every four years, every constituent by virtue of the obtained age of 18 having the right to nominate, or to be nominated as, the representative of a party in the General Election.

Imagine no party membership and just a list of party volunteers.

Imagine every constituent and party volunteer having the freedom of political opinion within any party and having the protection of the Human Rights Act.

Imagine parties having no right to expel a member/volunteer because of difference of opinion.

Imagine a political party without a party whip.

Imagine an organisation whose sole purpose is to advance the good of the community.

Imagine political parties caused to adhere to a code of conduct.

Imagine a political party that recognises the struggle of all people of every race and ethnicity whose cause is to uplift all humanity.

Imagine a country where every child matters and every senior is honoured.

Now for the chorus, let’s all sing: “You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. I hope one day you will join us and the world will live as one.”