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We must be captains of our ship, Bermuda

Dear Sir,

How can there be harmony in the life of Bermudians if the majority of things that are important to us are approached from a competitive frame of mind?

Our frame of mind is set up as soon as we come into the world and we grow desiring one thing, but hypocritically behave in a fashion that does not produce those desires; the desires for happiness, peace, good health and the like.

The desire for harmony requires working together for a better Bermuda, working towards things that will unify us in togetherness, each part being what it is, yet blending together and not competing with one another.

We must be the captains of our ship, Bermuda. There are many things we may need to let go of, but because we are so attached to them through either sentimental value or material value, we hold on to them.

If you have a desire to know truth, then I would recommend that you search deeper into the subject yourself and then make a determination, whether you are dealing with religion or any other subject in life.

Mind you, this can still be classified as an opinion resulting from a personal concept of things that you hold as truth.

Whether we realise it or not, we are influenced by every single thing that we see in some way, shape or form.

On September 26, 2001, the former Premier, Dame Jennifer Smith, signed on our behalf the Environment Charter, a legal commitment to bring together government departments, representatives of local industry, commerce, environmental champions and other community representatives in a forum to formulate a detailed strategy for action.

The information was not shared with the people of Bermuda; it seems as though the information was hidden.


Community Activist

Dame Jennifer Smith