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Self-improvement advice for getting a job

Dear Sir,

I read your article on February 18 on “Why we vented our outrage in public” and was moved to write this response. The woman with the master’s degree in project management who asked not to be named needs help in understanding why she is unemployable at present. Not unemployed, but unemployable. When she “sees” her real impediment to gaining successful employment, then she will have no problem finding a job.

Assuming she is a “real” person with real skills, Bermudian companies and international business would snap her up in a heartbeat. Project management is an awesome skill and is also one of the new careers that businesses are desperately looking for. These project managers are highly skilled at communicating with all levels of management, employees and external contractors with the aim of ensuring that each managed project is successful. Successful from start to finish and within budget and completed on time. They are skilled negotiators and motivators of people ensuring that “the project” is successful and no one element or group of the project team is not successful, nor viewed to be unsuccessful. The project manager is the glue that makes any project happen and can save huge amounts of money for businesses, as well as removing the “us verses them” challenges that all business face.

I am a Bermudian and have run several Bermuda businesses for 30 years, and hired hundreds of Bermudians and also skilled overseas professionals when I have been unable to find or train Bermudians. My businesses hire project managers and we advertise for them frequently.

I have two recommendations for this anonymous, unemployed project manager. First is to find a life coach or a business friend who can critically evaluate your personal presentation and can coach you through the job interview process. Choose someone who has experience and is strong-minded enough to tell you what you need to hear and who is willing to work with you on what is important for an employer to see in you when making the hiring decision.

Trust me, employers want only to hire the best team players and the ones they believe will fit in with their existing team. Credentials and certificates are only an entry to get an interview; the employer is looking for positive vibes and an attitude that the new hire will enhance the team spirit.

A second recommendation would be that this person sign up to complete the next Mirrors Life Coach training that is frequently offered. I have completed it myself. This training is excellent for anyone struggling, as it seems this unemployed project manager is. I wish her the best in her self-improvement endeavours.