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Cannabis: the lark that often turns out to be ‘the lie’

Dear Sir,

I have already thrown my hat into the ring of cannabis use before, and will continue to do so, regardless of the slings and arrows, and cries of “Get with the times, Diana”.

Being a nurse, I have seen and known of the irreparable damage that cannabis can do to young brains before they are fully developed, and the subtly dangerous power it has.

Of the waning effect over time, leaving the user with a need for just a little something stronger to get that lovely, relaxed, euphoric, happy time again. I call that “the trap”. The time when they get introduced to the next stage and really like it.

We hear of the recommendations and uses of cannabis that are in the works of some very interesting developments in the treatment of diseases.

It is obvious that cannabis is going to be developed in a new exciting form for pharmaceutical uses, not yet fully developed, but already showing great promise.

So don’t take cannabis, not even for recreational purposes, unless you think and feel you are strong enough to resist “the trap”.

Parents, yes, you and you and you, watch out for that strange change in behaviour in your children — an irritability and a kind of reclusive withdrawal from the happy family times usually enjoyed; argumentative and a resistance to discipline and rules.

Talk to your children often, with pictures, literature, adverts.

Mock play is invaluable, often more memorable than talk.

Create your own imaginary scenes, but make sure the message gets through: that they get it. That taking cannabis or any other form of drug, is totally unacceptable, especially, for instance, as a lark.

“Just this once” I have heard so many times. That lark often turns out to be “the lie”.

This is a simple investment in your family, that you talk to your children often, just as any of the other skills that you teach them.

You may just be saving a life in your family or the future of other people.

Finally, abide by the law.