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Hamilton deserves better police presence

Dear Sir,

In light of the robbery of a jewellery shop in the City today (April 28) I am greatly concerned that we do not have any police officers patrolling the city streets.

Hamilton today was packed with tourists, businesses appeared to be thriving and police should have had an obvious presence. Talking recently to a couple of officers from our beat-walking days, we made the observation that in that time the Police Force was 240-or-so strong, with three shifts around the clock of seven constables, a station sergeant and a duty driver.

St George’s also managed a sergeant and four walking the beat.

The present force strength is about 400-plus.

My question is, what is the make-up of the force, ie, constables to other ranks, as to me it appears top-heavy.

Stand on Front Street and watch traffic lights for a starter.

How many an hour go through on red? Double parking? Unlicensed motorbikes parked? This was the training for new officers in my day.

I feel the taxpayers, the shop owners and businesses in the City deserve better in light of the taxes they have to pay.