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Transportation amendment concerns

Dear Sir,

The recently tabled transportation amendment put forth by the always ambitious Senator Michael Fahy certainly has a number of concerns I would like to briefly discuss.

First, having grown up on the island, I have experienced the recklessness of tourists on scooters; we have all seen them go through the opposite way in a roundabout.

My biggest concern is Bermuda motorists would stand a high chance of encountering tourists on the incorrect side of the road or who are intoxicated. Bermuda already has a drink-driving problem and I worry tourists on holiday will only exacerbate this problem. Second, I am concerned about parking space: Horseshoe Bay Beach, Warwick Long Bay and Swizzle Inn are popular locations with both tourists and locals. I worry that Bermudians will be forced out of our own parks and popular locations because of parking space. I don’t even want to imagine Hamilton.

In closing, fundamentally, I am concerned by Mr Fahy’s lack of interest in issues affecting Bermudians.

His efforts could be directed more beneficially to solving Bermuda’s drink-driving issue, developing the safety of the roads themselves, implementing robust methods of teaching tourists how to drive scooters, and improving the Bermuda bus infrastructure.

For all of Ewart Brown’s failings as Premier, at least he sometimes rode the bus.