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No e-mail service on Sunday – again. And again no explanation

Where’s the logic? a customer is unhappy with the service

Dear Sir,

I have sent the following to the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda.

I suggest that other Logic customers may wish to do likewise.

Once again, I have had a Sunday without e-mail thanks to Logic.

There was no advance notice that this would happen, nor is there anything explaining it on their website — exactly the same as last Sunday.

Being a virtual monopoly supplier in Bermuda, they don’t need to bother, as their customers really have no choice now. Nor will there be any apology or refund to our accounts.

Yet they are quick enough to slap on a $5 late payment charge if we are one day late in settling our bill — equivalent to an interest rate of 100 per cent per annum.

Does all this seem fair to you?


Hamilton Parish