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In defence of Bermuda CableVision

Long journey: our internet takes time as it comes from space, a reader says

Dear Sir,

I would like to defend CableVision for once.

We, the public, can’t forget that CableVision is not in Bermuda, let alone on Earth in fact.

Think of their internet speed for instance. We have been waiting on the 50- and 100-megabyte service for over three years.

This is something that takes time when you take into account the fact that it is coming from space.

The CableVision website even tells us this, mind you they have it as “50/100MB TBA”. Many are confused by “TBA” thinking it means To Be Announced but their typo needs adjusting to “TBE” (To Be on Earth).

The 50/100 MB service that is “TBA” is not even the standard anymore in most of the islands to the south of us who are now offering speeds as high 1,000 MB.

Through companies like FLOW and Digicel they are getting their basic cable with HD channels included free, internet with speeds as high as 1000 MB, and phone bundled together at prices still cheaper than what we pay for just the stand-alone 25MB here in Bermuda. But that is the advantage of having companies on Earth as opposed to space.

With this knowledge, imagine how hard it must be to try to rectify the ongoing e-mail/internet outage from their galaxy.

When contacting the Regulatory Authority, please keep this in mind. They have to fly down to Cape Canaveral and await the next space ship heading out.

They don’t have the option to communicate with CableVision via e-mail ... it doesn’t work.To the football fans, let’s be thankful to have the FLOW Sports channel free until the end of September. From October we will be paying for one channel that only shows the morning EPL games, while there actually are three more FLOW Sports channels available elsewhere.

Thankfully we have the option to stream the afternoon games on our high-speed internet.

Thank you, CableVision.

UNITED, Devonshire