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Town teeming with students who should be at home

Dear Sir,

I never go into Hamilton late in the day, but recently I went into town after 4.30pm. I was absolutely appalled at what I saw. Town was teeming with schoolchildren.

This is a problem. Schoolchildren need to be home after school doing homework or chores; only those who need to meet their parents or caregivers in town should be there.

Parents, do you know your children are hanging out in town? If you do, you need to start parenting because this is a recipe for mischief.

What are schoolchildren doing in town but shopping or socialising? They can socialise on their recesses and lunchtimes, and most I am sure don’t have a job to be spending money, or if they do, it should go towards their education and learning how to be responsible with their money.

I am very concerned for this generation; they don’t seem to be guided to act responsibly. How are they ever going to grow into men and women of this society if it is OK to act like spoilt children?

Parents, you need to find out if your child is hanging out in town, and do something about it before it’s too late.