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What terminal needs is Bermudian flair

Wendell Hollis

Dear Sir,

I applaud you for printing the opinion authored by Wendell Hollis and Andrew Outerbridge on the design and construction of a new international terminal building for Bermuda.

The sentiments expressed by these two Bermudian professionals clearly exemplify the reason for Bermuda’s success over generations. Bermudians have a way of thinking matters through carefully before jumping into rash decisions that can produce long-term and irreversible mistakes. That is the case here.

I am not in favour of unruly crowds demonstrating in front of Parliament and causing disturbances to make a point and register opposition to government proposals.

I do, however, appreciate well thought-out alternative opinions, and the carefully planned architectural proposal that has been outlined by these individuals is appreciated by me.

The Premier, Michael Dunkley, and especially the Deputy Premier, Bob Richards, would do a service to Bermudians by meeting with Hollis and Outerbridge, understanding their criticism of the Government’s present proposal and paying attention to their alternative ideas and architectural studies before ramming through Parliament the existing plans, which are proposed by the One Bermuda Alliance and which have been roundly criticised by many in this community.

Bermuda needs a new airport terminal, there is no doubt, and the proposal to have it constructed and financed through independent means whereby it can be completed on time and on budget makes a lot of sense. However, the recommendation by an excellent and qualified Bermudian architect to make sure that the overall design has a Bermudian flavour to greet our visitors, and ultimately benefit our tourism needs, is a great suggestion and deserves our support.

Politicians are not necessarily good on aesthetics and we have time to guard against making a long-term error right now. I am reminded of a similar mistake when erstwhile directors of the Mid Ocean Club caused the original clubhouse to be torn down and replaced with a series of structures that have done little to replace the charm and ambience of what once existed. Let’s have a new terminal facility that will serve the island’s needs, but with a Bermudian flair as is suggested, coupled with common-sense suggestions that will avoid excessive government spending.


Tucker’s Town