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Desmond is a fine young man

VisionZ anti-violence launch: Desmond Crockwell (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

What a fine young man Desmond Crockwell must be to stand up in this community and declare his feelings in a non-violent magazine — a magazine to be published and disseminated in schools and clubs, and to be purchased.

It has taken someone with this kind of passion, who knows and comes from a true understanding of the problems that exist in certain areas today.

Best of all, we have a minister with a portfolio that obviously fits him perfectly: Senator Jeff Baron, the Minister of National Security.

Congratulations to you for your great address at the announcement of this young man’s contribution to the community, and for pronouncing your support and encouragement.

To see you out and about could ignite us all to work for a real surge to rid this lovely little island of its tragic ills.