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Thanks to Chewstick for masterpiece

Dear Sir,

We, the executive of the Neighbourhood Watch group bounded by Dunscombe Hill to the west and Vaucrosson’s Lane to the east, and from North Shore Road south to Mount Hill, wish to publicly express our sincere thanks to the Chewstick Foundation’s Creative Arts Project for its invaluable help and innovative expertise in creating the mural that now exists at the top of Overview Hill.

The monochromatic masterpiece honours and commemorates two neighbourhood “legends”.

The southernmost panel depicts an easily recognisable Tommy Tucker, a well-known character in his time, who grew up on Overview Hill, and who travelled all over the area on a foot-propelled bicycle with all his worldly goods and his faithful terrier, Skipper, in the bike basket.

He is shown astride his bike appearing to coast off that steep hill with Skipper perched on the basket, ears flying.

The middle panel depicts Stuart Hayward, widely known and respected writer and environmentalist, celebrating a living palm tree growing there. In the Eighties, Mr Hayward was elected to the House of Parliament by the residents of Pembroke West Central, which included our Neighbourhood Watch area, thereby making history by being the first independent candidate elected to Parliament since the advent of party politics more than 20 years before.

The third panel of the mural contains a piece of inspirational prose that craftily highlights the words “Over View” and “Mount Hill”.

We also want to thank all members of the public who came out to help and to encourage, especially Overview residents who made suggestions about who and what should be depicted. They patiently endured the late hours we spent working on the mural, and supplied electricity, refreshments and space for the setting up and laying out of materials, and storage of same.

Thank you to the employees of Bermuda Forwarders, who supplied vehicles and personnel to carry away the vegetation and debris from the clean-up.

Special thanks to Nick Kempe, his wife and his parents, residents of the next door Neighbourhood Watch who supplied clean-up labour, painting skills, pizzas and some really delicious home-made cookies.

We invite the public to check it out. Perhaps other neighbourhoods may be inspired to beautify their areas by employing Chewstick’s decidedly innovative expertise.


RALPH ADDERLEY, vice-chairman