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Sacrificing nature for whims of a developer

Dear Sir,

I recently came across this photograph showing the recent development of one of the most pristine areas of the East End. I am sickened and saddened as a Bermudian to see my country being sold to developers.

How can this pristine beach and the land adjacent to it have been contracted for development by the One Bermuda Alliance? It is just unimaginable. I am shocked also that BEST had not objected more strongly that the hotel be built up on the hill. How can this development possibly be considered sustainable?

It was only two years ago that on one or two beaches down the road, we achieved the “natural history event of the century”. A turtle had laid a nest of eggs that successfully hatched. This was an environmental achievement of a lifetime. How is putting a hotel on the beach with lights at night shining down the beach going to attract our natural wildlife to do its thing?

In my opinion, the OBA was desperate to create jobs and caved to the developers, giving in to their demands to build close to the water. I hope those ministers can sleep with their conscience at night.

My hope is that it is not yet too late to change these plans. My hope is that the Progressive Labour Party may recognise the error the OBA made and will try to reason with the developers.

St Regis must recognise that we are not Atlantic City, New Jersey. We are a tiny 21-square-mile island that is fighting with all its might to keep our pristine beaches exactly that ... pristine. Surely they recognise that Bermuda is unique in that regard, and surely they realise that the rarity of places such as Bermuda add to their product.

This project must be boycotted by all Bermudians in an effort to plead with them to build up on the hill, where the original hotel was located.