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Wasi criticism of Moniz nothing more than a hatchet job

Trevor Moniz

Dear Sir,

So Khalid Wasi has now turned his attention to another One Bermuda Alliance man (Opinion, March 26, 2018). Another OBA former minister, Trevor Moniz. Another hatchet job in the prime spot on Page 4 with a carefully selected headline.

No examination of the issues on the Lahey matter. No examination of the evidence.

Did he just assume because the case was thrown out that the decision was based on the evidence?

Easy to manipulate a dismissal. We shall never see the correspondence between the present attorney-general and the lawyers representing the Progressive Labour Party government.

Was it a case of “Get rid of it”, “We have budget constraints” or “We have terrible commitments to our party voters”.

Perhaps, Mr Editor, a Pati search of that correspondence is called for.

Mr Wasi has done hatchet jobs in the past, including one on Michael Dunkley, but he struggled with that because he could not find negatives or corruption.

In relation to the recent Budget, he praised David Burt and Wayne Furbert because he could not find anything to denigrate “deal of the year man” Bob Richards, which your News Editor put below the fold and found a wonderful titbit on schools failing to headline above the fold on the day that Mr Richards’s news of his award was published.

But the main point is that Mr Wasi claims that Trevor Moniz’s motive was hatred.


There was more hatred in this opinion piece than anything the OBA did or said in its extremely honourable tenure as the Government.