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Letter writer has it wrong about racism

Fighting racism: Rolfe Commissiong takes writer to task

Dear Sir,

In response to Valirie Marcia Akinstall, black Bermudians have never practised racism in this country. In fact, they have been the victims of racism and continue to be affected by its impact. The data does not lie.

I would recommend that Ms Akinstall go and study what racism is before wielding the term as some sort of scarlet letter. Additionally, I would also advise her to stop seeking to establish morally what can only be described as a false equivalence with respect to the matter of Narinder Hargun.

Now I know that both here and in the United States, there are some whites who have curiously and perversely begun to assert that they are the new victims of racism in Bermuda.

In fact, I suspect like clockwork they will attempt to do the same in response to my comments, as they invariably do just about every day with the blessing apparently of this newspaper.

I would advise them, however, to not waste their time.