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No special treatment sought but special treatment given

Transport praise: bus driver thanked (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Dear Sir,

On my most recent visit to Bermuda, from May 9 to 30, I was most impressed with the “spirit of Bermuda”, as demonstrated in two articles I read in The Royal Gazette — one describing the efforts of officials in finding a passport lost by a tourist, and the other reporting officials finding a seven-carat heirloom diamond lost on a beach in Bermuda.

Little did I know I would also have a testimony, praising what I call the spirit of Bermuda. After a shopping trip to Hamilton, I decided to walk back to 8 Middle Road, the residence of my daughter and the Premier. I got disoriented and asked several locals for directions. Long story made short, I ended up on a No 8 Bus headed towards the airport.

I knew I was headed in the wrong direction and a very kind bus passenger told me I needed to exit the bus and board another No 8 bus headed in the opposite direction.

The new bus driver, of the full bus, indicated he would inform me of my stop.

When we arrived at my stop, the bus driver made sure I knew this was the stop, exited the bus with me, told me where to cross the street, and provided exact directions to the Premier’s residence.

Again, the bus was full at about 4pm, but the driver took the extra steps to make sure I got to my destination.He did not know the Premier was my son-in-law. Obviously, that did not make a difference.

I do not know the bus driver’s name, but thank him nonetheless ... and, at some point, I would like to officially thank him.

Thank you, Bermuda, for your spirit of love and kindness that makes the island a wonderful place to visit. See you soon.