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Better late than never for Cup Match

A different view: spectators enjoy Cup Match (Photograph by Akil Simmnons)

The following is a letter from an inmate at Westgate Correctional Facility. The letter, owing to the vagaries of the Bermuda postal system, did not arrive until the day before Cup Match despite being date-stamped June 11 at Westgate. Although the festivities at Somerset Cricket Club are done and dusted, we felt it unfair for the writer’s views not to be aired through no fault of his own.

Dear Sir,

As a former St George’s player who partook in the Annual Classic, I extend to you and all of Bermuda Cup Match greetings. It wasn’t too long after you and your generation retired from the “gentleman’s game” that cricket went figuratively — some might say literally — down a very steep hill. I’m always clueless as to how to stop the bleeding.

Congratulations to Cleveland County Cricket Club; totally awesome. It just goes to show what’s possible when you display courage and fortitude in your performance individually and as a team.

As far as Cup Match is concerned, to both teams, but my team St George’s in particular, please keep in the forefront of your memory bank that you are there to entertain the public at large. The public at large are supposed to marvel at your talent.

What has been witnessed in the past few years begs to differ. Sorry, but I’m speaking the truth.

To the St George’s captain/leader, please let your gumption be shown on and off the field through your well-thought-out actions.

Mr Smith, as follows is my 2018 Cup Match team in batting order:

1, Treadwell Gibbons Jr

2, Mishael Paynter

3, Temiko Wilson (colt)

4, Onias Bascome

5, Okera Bascome (colt)

6, Allan Douglas Jr

7, Macai Simmons (captain)

8, Detroy Smith Jr (colt)

9, Zeko Burgess

10, Kyle Hodsoll

11, Isaiah Greaves (colt)

Reserves: Osagi Bascome

Justin Denbrook

Nzari Paynter


St George’s