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Still some catching up to do, Somerset

Playing a straight bat: Samantha Knights could perhaps teach the St George’s Cup match players a thing or two about batting (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Dear Sir,

As a St George’s fan whose origins as a child encompassed Wellington Oval/Mullet Bay playground, I would first like to applaud Vashun Blanchette, Somerset’s president, and Jordan DeSilva, Somerset’s captain, for a job well done.

Mr Blanchette, I wish you well in your fairly new appointment as president of your club. You appear to be a humble, intelligent young man who is willing to embrace new ideas and suggestions, as well as having open arms for any and all.

Mr DeSilva, for a young man, you are a smart, shrewd leader. It won’t be long before you’re filling Mr Blanchette’s shoes.

Obviously, a “two-to-one” is a totally brand-new experience for most Somerset Cricket Club supporters, but just know that St George’s lead the “two-to-one” race by a 5-3 scoreline.

To my team, St George’s, please, please, please comprehend and then amend your mistakes.

Congratulations to Onias Bascome. Most batsmen get a bit jittery when they are in their nineties in Cup Match. But Onias didn’t show any jitters. Not many can say that they brought up their century in Cup Match in such handsome fashion — and he did it with a straight bat, steep, deep, over the long-on boundary. It’s just unfortunate his innings was interrupted because of his marvellous feat.

Zeko Burgess is a trooper. He batted excellently in a supporting role and deserves just as much credit, if not more than Onias. Once again, very unfortunate that Zeko’s concentration was also interrupted.

Detroy Smith Jr, please hold your head up and don’t despair. You’re not the first person with two ducks in Cup Match: Noel Gibbons, Clay Smith and Charlie Marshall have also had this dubious distinction.

You bowled really well and you took a wicket. Just train that much harder and keep the ball in the “V” — between mid-off and mid-on — and you will overcome this setback also.

Congratulations on your Safe Hands Award, Dougie (Allan Douglas Jr); your fielding had spectators “marvelling”.

Wendell Smith, point blank, needs to be the head coach at St George’s. He may as well be the president, too. I’m sure Neil Paynter is ready to voluntarily step down after 18 long years at the helm.

With this article is a picture of a local young lady in East v West All-Star Game, which I find extremely ironic. The photograph appeared in The Royal Gazette at the beginning of cricket season and displays in its full regal glory the virtues of “playing with a straight bat”.

Maybe she can be a colt next year?

Ps. Rest in the Lord, “Hash” (Agnel Borgesson) and Mr James “Jimmy” Copeland,


Wellington, St George’s

c/o Westgate Correctional Facility