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Wonderful experience but with a few hitches

Waiting for transportation: tourists from The Norweigan Dawn queue this year (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

I have just spent a few days reconnecting with a couple of friends of almost 35 years.

My friend and her husband visited the island after a 20-year gap.

They saw the America’s Cup on television last year and booked their holiday directly after seeing the coverage — and because of it.

So naysayers take note.

They arrived on November 13 for one week at Cambridge Beaches — five hours late, after midnight, and they were of course shattered.

“But Jenny,” she said to me, “there was a bottle of wine and a huge plate of cold cuts in the fridge.

“And my room, oh how I love my room. And the bathroom is so big and the tub is massive.

“And the view, oh, how I love the view.”!

My friend couldn’t have been happier, even when it rained.

They vowed to come back soon, had forgotten how beautiful Bermuda really is and said nowhere on Earth is the ocean more blue.

They have travelled a lot. Their only criticisms were the late-night taxi service and the plastic on our beaches.

May I suggest that hotels put information about the Hitch app because it appears taxi service is practically non-existent after midnight.

Also, we really must get the plastic crisis under control.

I do hope that Cambridge Beaches, the Bermuda Tourism Authority and all Bermudians appreciate this feedback.