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Bull’s Head crossing a fatality waiting to happen

Senior hurt: police attended the scene of a road accident on Dundonald Street outside Master’s in which an 87-year-old woman was injured on Wednesday evening (Photograph by Sarah Lagan)

Dear Sir

I am begging the powers that be — either the Police or the Corporation of Hamilton — to install a camera to cover the zebra crossing in front of Masters’ main entrance and monitor it.

That crosswalk is heavily used by people entering and leaving Bull’s Head car park. Those of us who use that crosswalk on a regular basis have had the problem of motorists paying no mind to the pedestrians on it.

Cars have zoomed by me inches away. Sometimes the driver just stares at you; other times, they keep their heads straight and keep going.

It is a hazard for all of us. I am not surprised that someone was knocked down. One day, someone is going to be killed there.