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Rogue hit-and-run taxi driver

Dear Sir,

To the driver in the white taxi travelling west along South Road just past Spittal Pond at 6.45 this morning (November 20, 2018), you were travelling so fast I did not have time to stop to turn around and get your numberplate after your wing mirror hit my shoulder while I was running.

When you hit me, there was a large clunking noise, and I am certain you felt the impact of the collision because I was shoved into the hedge.

You did not stop to see if I was OK; you just carried on speeding, dangerously close to the car in front of you.

You are the reason I fear for my children, who are of biking age.

You are the reason I fear for those out walking or exercising.

You are the most inconsiderate dangerous driver who should not be allowed to drive, let alone drive a taxi and be responsible for passengers.

Bermuda has far too many road traffic accidents and fatalities as a result of poor driving.

Bermuda, we need to slow down and start being considerate of others who use the road.

Everyone — walker, runners, cyclists, mopeds, cars, trucks, taxis and buses — has an equal right to be on the road. We have a right to feel safe on the road.

The next time you hit someone, they may not be as lucky as I was, having suffered minor skin breakdown, bruising and pain — their injuries may be far worse.

I suspect you will not stop next time, either, but someone may see you, report you and, hopefully, prosecute you.