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Reasonable explanation still to be forthcoming

David Burt, the Premier (File photograph)

Dear Sir,

Regarding the Fintech saga, no reputable company would change all of its plans to move to Bermuda because of a newspaper reporter.

This is very childish. I would ask the Premier to state exactly what was said to dissuade this company from setting up in Bermuda. Indeed, we need to know — just to make absolutely certain it doesn’t happen again.

Perhaps we could get a statement from this company to explain why it was upset enough to change all of its plans. This will put an end to all of the speculation about the real reason for the decision not to come here and, hopefully, we can prevent any similar occurrence in the future.

I cannot imagine how a lowly reporter would have had such persuasive powers to make a company feel unwelcome to open an office in Bermuda.

Please, David Burt, give us a little more information so that we can all work together for the future good of Bermuda.