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Always look on the bright side of life

Road trip: public transportation could be one bright side to a visit to the west end (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Letters to the Editor

Dear Sir,

I always feel it is nice to mention something positive, as it is always easier to mention the negative. Half-term was upon us, as all parents know, and the latter part of the week was rain.

Sigh. What do you do with two small children who need to be kept busy and entertained? We’ll take them to the Frog & Onion and Trampoline Park. Yay!

We took the bus to Dockyard and the driver was a bit annoyed, as I did not have my ticket ready. With three bags and two small children, I told him I’d have the ticket out in a second. Grumpy driver on that day.

My daughter took it personally, so I said: “We have a choice here. We either retaliate or we try to make him feel a bit better.”

She chose to make him feel better. So we got high fives, have a great day. He told us the return times for later. We got off the bus and she said: “Mommy, I think that was the right choice.”

Across the road to Frog & Onion — oh, no, big fail. Covered in tarpaulins and under renovation. No games room. Nothing. So off to Bonefish.

I cannot say how well they coped with wall-to-wall kids in their dining area, both in and out with so many families who had the same idea as us. And thank goodness for the trampoline park.

We also got to witness the ferry being taken out of the water, with scuba divers and Marine & Ports all steering her.

My son said: “This is astounding.”

“You’re 4, where did you learn that word?”

To close, we love Glassworks, Trampoline Park, Bonefish and Bus Driver X — and Frog & Onion, when you’re open again.

There’s so much to do and watch, if you open your eyes.