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Family give nursery school a rave review

Dear Sir,

I am enclosing herewith a letter I sent to the School House Nursery in September 2018. I feel a good nursery school, and especially one that my entire family have rave reviews about, should be highlighted.

There are many parents out there searching for just the right fit for their little ones and a good start is vitally important to each and every child’s development.

My dear teachers,

As I type you this note, not only is my heart filled with emotions, but my eyes are filled with tears.

On behalf of our little Drew and family, I wish to send our thanks and gratitude for the start you introduced Drew to. We were amazed at the number of ways you taught Drew through art and happy play. You also taught her responsibility by allowing her to perform duties, which also aided in building confidence.

Not one day when I came to collect Drew did you show any signs of “wear and tear” from your busy day, but instead always greeted me with a smile and Drew with a goodbye hug or kiss (and treats).

If I were asked to rate your nursery on a score from 1 to 10, I would give you an 11. You went over and above a learning and loving environment I had ever seen. Not one day did we feel you did not have Drew’s best interests at heart ... and as a result it was overwhelmingly sad when Drew had to move on.

Each one of you will for ever remain in our hearts and thoughts. You have been one of our biggest and best blessings as we ask for continued blessings bestowed on each of you and your amazing, easy-teaching talents. I often frowned at the common phrase “it takes a village”, but now I can see how important a village can be to our young people, especially at the nursery school level.

We all thrive best on love, rules and learning — all of which you encouraged and carried out beautifully. You all play a very important role in our community; you are helping to build a better Bermuda and you really are our foundation.

We can’t thank you enough, we can’t stop praising you enough and certainly we can’t stop wishing you the very best in the coming years as you walk through and touch so many little lives.

You show love, strength, gentleness and fairness all at the same time. This quality is unique in today’s sometimes cruel and unkind world. Consider yourselves rare.

Our thanks come from the bottom of our hearts ... and little Drew’s heart, too. In love, friendship and deepest gratitude.

For ever grateful,

I will work on making your road safer and hope to ring you about it one day soon. Government wheels turn slow, so we have to be patient and trust it will happen.