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Cleaning up with the Hinds

Ready for the scrapheap: this abandoned punt is among the targets for Saturday’s clean-up

Dear Sir,

Your readers may have noted the large amount of seaweed that has recently floated into Bailey’s Bay, covering it almost entirely.

Unfortunately, seaweed is not the only thing that has floated in — hard hats, plastic lids, a range of shoes and other flotsam have also drifted in on the tide.

My husband and I are planning a clean-up of the two beaches in the area on Saturday morning from 9.30 to noon and would welcome help from anyone willing to assist us. We are focusing particularly on the little beach under the bridge, and in that regard want to advise the owner of the punt licence No 10736, which is in a derelict state, that it will be removed as part of the clean-up.


Hamilton Parish