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A note of clarification

Dear Sir,

The following is a letter to Ocean 89 radio station talk show host Shirley Dill.

I must first compliment you for your hosting of your Sunday morning talk show.

It proves to be entertaining and informative every time you are on air.

I am compelled to bring the true facts to you in relation to a comment made by one of your callers this past Sunday, David Burch, the older entertainer, not the politician.

He had claimed that there was a land grab happening at the corner of Tee Street and Berry Hill Road where some trees had been cleared and grass was being grown.

Mr Burch had mentioned that one of his family members had worked on this land farm, a previous garden. Please let me state the facts here so that Mr Burch can be adequately informed before comes to his rash decision on what he feels is taking place here.

The neighbours in the immediate area all got together and approached the land owner seeking permission to partially clear a bit of the trees, as the area was totally overgrown and full of trash.

The rats were affecting the houses that were close, to the point where it become unbearable.

The traffic in the area was also a factor, with the high volume and low visibility — not to mention the ambulances from King Edward VII Memorial Hospital that were constantly on the go.

That busy junction was very congested.

The neighbours in the immediate area all had to sign documentation stating that there would be no activity on, or claim to, this land.

The sole purpose was to enhance and beautify the area for the parish and community’s safety.

We also have a very kind neighbour who pays out of their pocket to have the grass cut monthly so that the area is kept neat and tidy with no compensation or help from anyone.

So, please, Mr Burch, before you come to any false decisions, may I please ask that you get your facts straight.

Thank you, Mrs Dill. We greatly appreciate your time here and love listening to your Sunday morning show.