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Worrying rumblings coming out of the east

Not again: a St George’s letter writer is concerned his Cup Match team are doing little to change the narrative of recent Somerset domination (File photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

Allow me a little space in your publication for my opinion and horrid disgrace at the lack of quality players showing up for Cup Match training in St George’s.

You all know who I am, and my passion for Cup Match and St George’s alike. Over the past few years, we’ve had this issue of those who have played and starred in Cup Match previously assuming it is best for them to skip all Cup Match training sessions and then show up for the final trial — whether picked or not — and expecting to play and be picked for the annual classic.

How has that worked out for you all lately??

It hasn’t. You’ve either been dropped or overlooked. Do you really feel it is acceptable or fair to those who have put in the weeks and months of effort in training to be just overlooked by you so-called prima donnas. Well, you’re not. Nor are you bigger than the game. I don’t have to drop your names because I respect you as men, friends and associates, but you all know who you are.

St George’s still do not have a Cup Match captain as of yet, and some of you all who are neglecting to put in the effort are or were being considered to be offered the captaincy. There is no one in the St George’s club team who is good enough for the role yet. And from what I see at training, there’s no one good enough to play, let alone fill that role. But what will happen is the captain will likely be selected from those who are putting in the effort in training. Also, those who do train will be the ones who play.

So, my fellow St George’s fans in Bermuda, don’t think the club isn’t putting in the effort to get guys out to play. They have all received letters and their invites, so the real blame for a poor Cup Match team like we have had over the past few years is not on the club and its selectors ... no, no.

The blame rests on the prima donna players who have already played and succeeded for St George’s but who think they don’t have to train to be considered.

Aren’t you all tired of playing second fiddle to the boys up the west?

Aren’t you all tired of you own club team-mates having one up on you?

I’ll bet the boys up west have and will have plenty quality present for each Cup Match training session, as well as those who are trying to get into an already winning team. It used to be that way in St George’s; maybe some of you all are too young to remember, but it was.

St George’s Cup Match fans of all colours, creeds and heritage, you know who these prima donna players are. Encourage them daily to put in the effort because you the fans matter just as much as that silver Cup Match trophy matters to us.


St George’s