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A dangerous stretch of road in Devonshire

Orange Valley Road (photograph by Owain Johnston-Barnes)

Dear Sir,

I’m writing to you once again with a suggestion to those concerned with safety on our roads around Bermuda.

This bit of road is the stretch from the exit of Orange Valley Road on to Parsons Lane to the left, which takes you to the junction at Palmetto Road, which has traffic going right and left on to Palmetto Road.

This stretch on Parsons Lane is really busy during the morning commute to Hamilton between 7am and 9.30am, and after 5pm for the commute home. But it is well used during the day as a whole from the top of Parsons Lane near to the junction.

The Department of Public Works has already cleared the walls of brush and small vegetation on both sides near to the end of the road, which has helped greatly.

But I do think a small portion of the existing walls on both sides could be removed to widen somewhat — maybe two to three feet.

At the moment, it is a tight squeeze for SUVs, vans and trucks, etc, especially for emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks and all police vehicles. You could lose a wing mirror while passing each other or cause damage.

As everyone knows, this sort of thing can be very costly for repairs; not only that, but in some situations could cause an accident, which could result in injury or death.

Someone might be on a cycle or scooter; even worse a passenger such as a child going to school on the back of either bike.

With all new cars and trucks seemingly getting bigger with every new model each year, I do think this should be seriously considered.

Anything that provides extra safety to our motoring public is worth doing, especially for our tourists.

I’m sure the Department of Public Works has many things slated to be done with many having top priority over others.

Each of these issues needs careful thought and planning so they can be done correctly every time. To the satisfaction of the Government and to all residents of Bermuda, let’s do it.