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Put culprits on camera

Airport protest: police and protesters clash outside the House of Assembly on December 2, 2016 (File photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

I think that Commissioner of Police Stephen Corbishley should have his own cameras at the Gay Pride parade.

After the one-sided media coverage of December 2, 2016 and the continuous follow-ups on ZBM News showing the pepper-spray incident but not the faces of the demonstrators trying to stop the airport project. According to many people, and anyone who understands Bermuda’s debt scenario, the airport project is one of the best deals Bermuda has ever done.

Let us keep alive the hope in Bermuda of human rights for all, including people born here and people who cannot help but love somebody of the same sex.

People, get out your cameras and if you see people misbehaving and causing mischief, make a photographic record of it.