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All hands on deck means all the best minds

Much appreciated: David Burt, the Premier (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Dear Sir,How will we pull through this mega crisis? Well, one thing for sure, it is up to us and no one else.Will we prove to be capable of working together? Working together is easier said than done when historical grievances rise to the fore or personal egos override commonsense. (Or, when we can go online and blurt whatever happens to pop into our minds). I believe David Burt, the Premier, is a well-educated, intelligent young man. He has at his elbow a couple of ministers who are very able. Having said that, I think it would be a positive, beneficial move on the part of the Premier to include in his discussions relevant One Bermuda Alliance MPs and community experts in finance and health. He may already be doing this; if he is, he should tell us. Most of us know the reason why we have party politics and I believe most of us would agree that the system has outlived its usefulness. We need to think of Bermuda as a small town; a town that needs a mayor — a smart, well-educated, thoughtful mayor — and various committees to deal with various issues. That way, if we are smart — and we used to think we were smart — we will benefit from the best minds Bermuda has to offer.Whatever we do, we may try to remember that it is now the year 2020 — it is not 1950. Our children are supposed to have futures; they are not supposed to pay penalties for our past.KATHLEEN BELLPaget