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Island could not be in better hands

Vote of approval: David Burt (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Dear Sir,Please allow me a few column inches to send a public letter to the Premier of Bermuda, David Burt for his wisdom and leadership:Dear Premier, Over the past couple of months, as Covid-19 swept over the world, it could very easily have decimated the population of this tiny island. That it hasn’t is entirely because of you and your team. Unlike the leaders of the United States and Britain, you took command at an early date. Your confidence and actions have ensured our safety by vigilant isolating and testing.My husband and I are both in our eighties, and we have not once felt unsafe. We feel grateful for the limits put on our movements — I was pleased to be pulled up at checkpoints, knowing that their existence added to my safety — because the results show that the vast majority of people in Bermuda are likely to be safe from this new killer.Sir, we are grateful for your strong and fearless leadership. The island could not be in better hands.Thank you.HELLE PATTERSONHamilton Parish