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No wonder health costs rise

Dear Sir,

The report that healthcare costs have increased by more than ten per cent this past year does not surprise me.

I had a colonoscopy done at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and was told to call the doctor’s office in a month to make an appointment to obtain the report.

I attended the doctor’s office, went into a room, the doctor came in and said everything was good and I should have another colonoscopy in about five years.

I was in the office for less than five minutes. I asked the receptionist if there was a charge and was told the insurance company would pay $240 and my co-pay was $40 or $60 (I cannot remember the exact amount).

In my humble opinion, this report could have been done over the telephone, and the charges were excessive.

While this type of charge is being made, it is little wonder the cost of health insurance increases each year.

Yours sincerely,