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Sir John should be backed for Smith’s North

Sir John Swan, the former premier (File photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Dear Sir,

My family love Bermuda. I first visited here in 1961 and I have lived here and invested here since 1967 — 57 years and still counting! I am not a political animal and I have never voted here nor am I entitled to. However, I am a people person and I recognise a good man when I meet one. Sir John is one such person and we are all blessed that he has served his country for so long and in so many ways.

Tirelessly, even today, he stops on the street or wherever to greet all people on a daily basis, to offer help and support in any way. I have been witness to this.

His thoughts now concerning independent voices offering an opportunity to transcend party politics is totally refreshing and timely. He is amazingly healthy and vivacious. I am in my 85th year and feeling it, whereas Sir John is still jumping around like a spring chicken with all his mental capacities fully intact.

If he is really serious about throwing his hat back in the Bermuda political arena, the people here should vote for him, en masse, with utter conviction. He is fully conversant with world affairs and respected by everyone I know.

I implore the electorate of Smith’s North to vote and allow Sir John to provide that leadership role that he has earned since long ago, and let him continue to work tirelessly and unselfishly for all Bermuda for as long as he wishes.


St George’s