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Sir John must be bored – where is the next generation?

Keith Godfrey is crying out for the next Julian Hall to be allowed to emerge in politics

Dear Sir,

I must put pen to paper again concerning politics and the upcoming by-election. Sir John Swan must be bored to try again at his age.

I hear many questioning the Westminster system and agree with Sir Henry Tucker, who said many years ago that party politics would destroy Bermuda. It has taken a long time, but he was right.

The problem with politics in Bermuda is that politicians on both sides of the fence don’t listen to the people. They forget who put them in parliament — the people.

Unfortunately, once a person gets elected, they have to follow the party’s agenda and they forget the people.

The other thing so evident over the years is the Premier’s failure to groom a successor, and to encourage young people with new ideas and energy.

Where is the next generation of Harry Vieras, Ann Cartwright-DeCoutos, Julian Halls and “Flip” Galloways?

They are out there, but the parties have failed to recruit them or have tried to suppress them for their own political agenda.



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