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Somerset Primary is not a ‘White school’

Somerset Primary School (File photograph)

Dear Sir,

The whole school situation has been decided on political and racial lines. The Government is aware that its support has been flagging owing to poor decisions and that it has formed an elite where the few have now lined their pockets — never having it so good. The voters are not stupid and see they are not getting their share of the pie.

With an election looming, the school decisions were not calculated to be for the benefit of the students. It is a fact that St George's Prep and Somerset Primary (formerly Sandys Grammar School) were two of the finest government primary schools on the island. Why do political hacks make decisions instead of leaving it to trained educational professionals? This whole scenario has been done to keep votes.

I quite agree with West End Primary supporters and congratulate them for a campaign well fought, but both schools should be kept open. What will happen to the closed school facilities? They will deteriorate and 20 years down the road, nothing will have been done with them.

Yes, there was segregation in the system in the past, which was wrong, but now the world has reached a stage of enlightenment. Where is Bermuda standing? It is going backwards with these discriminatory decisions.

Let me remind your readers: Somerset Primary was formed as an amalgamation of Sandys Grammar and Boaz Island schools. Boaz Island school was in bad shape and, at that time, rather than put money into it, the amalgamation took place with improvements being made to the infrastructure of Somerset Primary to bring it up to code. Having been the president of the PTA at the time, I am aware of all of the negotiations which took place. Our PTA meetings were exceptionally well attended.

I support the present PTA in its efforts and would suggest it continues to fight for its school. Let me emphasise that it is not a “White school”, but one where all Bermudians are given a quality education. Let us hear the voices of past students who have benefited from education in a great facility.

Somerset Primary PTA, keep the good fight going and if you do not achieve what you want, just ensure you do not vote the Progressive Labour Party back into power at the next election.

Make your vote count.



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