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Services to expand as couple succeed Dr Dyer

Wider services: Hillary Rand and Michael Czerwinski, of Island Urology Services Ltd, on Point Finger Road (Photograph supplied)

Urologist Michael Czerwinski and his partner Hillary Rand, a registered nurse, are taking over the practice of Charles Dyer, who is retiring after 52 years in medicine.

The couple, who are having a wedding later this year, plan to run the practice as a husband-and-wife team, much as Dr Dyer and his wife did for many decades.

The practice at The Ridings, on Point Finger Road, Paget, is being renamed as Island Urology Services Ltd. This is to reflect the wider services available, including ultrasound imaging and prostate biopsy.

Dr Czerwinski graduated from Dalhousie University, in Nova Scotia, and came to Bermuda in 2016. He said that although he is a young doctor, he is up to date on most current urological guidelines, clinical decision-making and surgical techniques. He has specific interests in treating benign prostate enlargement, male and female incontinence, single incision scalpelless vasectomy, and kidney stones, along with general urology.

Running a practice business, while also being a full-time urologist is a fresh challenge, but Dr Czerwinski said it was one that he and Ms Rand will make a success.

During the past two years he has been working in tandem with Dr Dyer and learnt from him about how to handle different aspects of the practice. This has helped with the transition of the business from the Dyers; a process now in its final stages.

“He has been my mentor; he’s been fantastic. It has been nice to have that overlap, and for the staff to feel comfortable with us,” Dr Czerwinski said.

Dr Dyer, who grew up in Bermuda, returned to the island in 1978 and was Bermuda’s sole resident urologist until 2014.

There is a touch of serendipity about how Dr Czerwinski and Ms Rand came to be in the position to take over the practice.

Five or six years ago a friend of Dr Czerwinski heard that Dr Dyer was looking for someone to join his practice, but ultimately was unable to accept the position. However, the news about an opportunity in Bermuda was “the talk of the town” at Dalhousie University, according to Dr Czerwinski.

“Then when I started dating Hillary, who is Bermudian, I visited Bermuda.”

That set his mind wondering about the Bermuda job opportunity he had heard about a few years early. He made enquiries with his friend, which led to a meeting with Dr Dyer. Dr Czerwinski and Ms Rand found they had a number of similarities with the Dyers, including connections in Halifax and Bermuda.

Dr Czerwinski’s work comprises of seeing patents at the practice, and at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. He said Bermudian patients, with their welcoming mannerisms, are some of the best he has met.

Looking to the future, he said: “I have big shoes to fill and expectations to live up to. I’m excited to have something to work on together with Hillary, and to develop things going forward and make this the best urological services in Bermuda.”

Island Urology Limited has a website at www.island-urology.com