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Styles galore at new make-up store

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Make-up maven: Owner Demeka Tacklyn in Stash, a new make-up store in Washington Mall (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

A new make-up store has opened up in Washington Mall.

And Demeka Tacklyn, the owner of Stash, said: “I saw an opportunity and the idea came into my head. When the opportunity arises, go for it.”

Ms Tacklyn said the store, which has an emphasis on natural products and a huge range of lipstick, filled a niche in the market.

“There is a market for products that are on the cutting edge and are new, so I tried to focus on that. We have every colour of lipstick, from green to blue and on.

“We stock Nicka products, who specialise in a wide spectrum of colours, not the average colours, even though we do stock the natural, neutral colours as well.”

Ms Tacklyn said she was encouraged to take the plunge with her new venture despite a lingering recession.

“I’m thankful I opened up at a slow time because that’s the best time to be motivated.

“That’s the opportunity to come up with ideas, strike and move because there’s not that much competition — that’s how I look at it.”

And she said, despite money being tight, women were still prepared to spend on their looks.

“Women like lipstick, like children like candy.

“It depends on a person’s mindset. It depends on whether you look at the glass as half full or half empty. It’s up to you.”

Ms Tacklyn added that she also stocked products like herbs, including sage, which is said to cleanse environments when burnt.

She also stocks honey with added horny goat weed — a plant claimed to have multiple health benefits, including aphrodisiac qualities.

Ms Tacklyn said: “One of my best sellers is the honey with horny goat weed, which revitalises your body.”

Demeka Tacklyn shows off some of her stock at new make-up store Stash (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)
Demeka Tacklyn, has opened Stash, a new make-up store in Washington Mall (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)