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Green beauty products website launched

Holistic nutritionist: Andrea Fubler of Salt and Cedar

A new online business selling a range of green beauty and home products has launched.

Andrea Fubler, a qualified holistic nutritionist, decided to branch out into the beauty business on the back of increasing awareness of potentially harmful additives in products.

And a month in, her online venture Salt and Cedar is picking up traction with health-conscious people who want to look good.

Ms Fubler, 38, said: “I also have past experience in retail buying, so it was a good combination of the skills I already had.”

She added: “I thought there was a need in Bermuda for more natural skin products which I can’t find locally.”

Ms Fubler, who opened up shop last month, said: “It’s been great. I’ve only been open a month and it’s been going really well.

“I’ve had a lot of orders placed in the short time we’ve been opened.”

The store stocks a wide range of skincare products, for women and men, like moisturisers and cleansers, as well as bath and body products, make-up and nail polish.

All the stock is not only additive-free, but cruelty-free as well.

The store also stocks a small amount of environmentally friendly household items, like reusable glass straws to cut down on plastic waste and food wrap coated with beeswax.

Ms Fubler said: “I will be expanding the number of lines I sell over time.”

She added: “I do try to source from responsible businesses in Canada and the United States — I look for family-owned and operated environmentally conscious companies.

“I’m avoiding all sorts of chemicals and preservatives — a lot of things, it’s chemicals you don’t have to expose yourself to.

“There are natural ingredients that can get the job done just as well and I think people are starting to move away from chemicals.

“It was previously thought that skin could not absorb the chemicals in products, but they have found out that it does absorb chemicals in products.

“It’s not just what you put in your body, it what you put on your body.”

Ms Fubler said her biggest seller so far was a natural underarm deodorant.

She explained: “Everyone is looking for a safer deodorant because that area is very sensitive.”

At present, the business is run out of Ms Fubler’s Devonshire home and she can also deliver products to buyers’ homes.

But she said: “It’s online at the moment — maybe I will open a store eventually, but I have no plans for that right now.”

Salt and Cedar can be found at www.saltandcedar.bm