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New wine has a Bermuda twist

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Wine and rosés: Mat Macdonald, of Two Rock Wine Company, shows off the firm’s private label summer Raft Up Rosé (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

A Bermuda wine merchant is launching a summer rosé — with a distinctive island flavour.

Two Rock Wine Company will tomorrow unveil Raft Up Rosé, complete with a label featuring a painting of a typical Bermuda raft up by island artist Jonah Jones.

Mat Macdonald of Two Rock, based in Harvey Road, Paget, said: “This is a private label we wanted to do for some fun.

“We’ve been working with Coral Beach Club doing a private label for them and we wanted to come up with a label for ourselves that would be fun for the Bermuda market.”

The wine comes from a longtime French partner of the company whose family owns a vineyard in Provence, France, which is famed for its rosé wines.

“You have to trust the people you work with on the winery side, and we’re lucky enough to have a good relationship with a very good winery in Provence.”

He added the name came from a brainstorming session with friends.

“We had some pretty bad names. I think we came up with a good one.”

He added: “Jonah Jones is a friend and customer and we felt his artwork with raft ups would work very well. He did a series a couple of years ago and we thought it would look good on the label.

Mr Jones explained the painting series was “loosely” inspired by the annual Non-Mariners’ Race and aimed to capture the summer spirit of the island.

Mr Macdonald said: “Rosé wines are quite popular right now and we feel our own private label will work well.

“There are so many rosés out there, some better than others, we thought if we combined a local touch with a fine wine that would be fun.

“We’ll be launching it on Thursday and we will kick it off into the summer months.”

He added: “After four or five years, we have a decent understanding of the market and what we’re capable of selling. But you never know with these things — all we can do is hope for the best.”

Mr Macdonald said that, while sales to overseas visitors drawn to Bermuda for the America’s Cup were welcome, it was not created for the event.

He explained: “It was a thought process we had for a while. If you sell something to the visitors, then cool, but it’s really for the local clientele who are here all the time.”

The launch will be held at Two Rock’s warehouse in Paget between 5.30pm and 7.30pm tomorrow and includes tasting, food and a bottle of Raft Up Rosé to take home.

Tickets cost $25 each and are limited. They are available by e-mailing info@tworockwines.com or by calling 232-2325.

Drink to that: Two Rock Wine Company’s Mat Macdonald, left, and staff Jeremy Horrell and Blake Somner sample the firm’s new Raft Up Rosé (Photograph by Akil Simmons)
Rosé day: Two Rock Wine Company’s new summer Raft Up Rosé (Photograph by Akil Simmons)