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Women entrepreneurs inspire audience

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All about brand: panellists, from left, Christie Hunter-Arscott and Kristin White speak during the panel discussion on "Developing Your Personal Brand", alongside international guest speaker Shelly Bell at the Women's Entrepreneurship Day Conference at Rosewood Bermuda (Photograph supplied)

More than 160 women were given inspirational and motivational advice from two international guest speakers and a panel of eight local women at the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Conference.

The conference was organised by the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation at Rosewood Bermuda to mark Women’s Entrepreneurship Day.

The daylong event last Friday was sponsored by Butterfield Bank and included a range of speakers.

International guest speaker Stacey Ferreira, chief executive officer of Forge, spoke about “Navigating in a Male-Dominated World”, and Shelly Bell, founder of Black Girl Ventures Foundation, spoke on her own experiences of “Alternative Ways of Funding”.

Breakout sessions focused on topics such as “Managing Work Life Balance and Developing Your Personal Brand”.

Local panellists included Gaynete’ Jones of Game Changing Industries, health and happiness coach Tania Kowalski, actress, teacher and host Nishanthi Bailey, Pamela Barit Nolan of Transform Bermuda Coaching, Kristin White of Long Story Short, gender and generations strategist Christie Hunter-Arscott, Trina Roberts of HSBC Bermuda and Salon Pink owner Kidist Emery.

During the breakout session on “Managing Work-Life Balance”, Ms Ferreira told the audience how she is often “incredibly unbalanced” while she’s working on certain projects.

She said: “In order to do that you have to find people who will support you because that makes all the difference. And then know when you want to change it up.

“You’ll say, OK I’m going to go all in on this thing right now and then when do I need to step back.”

Charmaine Thomas, owner of app development company Vinjam Communications, who attended the event, said: “This event has been very energising for me. The visualisations of where I hope to be in ten years as an entrepreneur has helped me realise that my dream can become reality. Everyone that I have spoken to here has said the same thing. That it has been very inspiring.”

Iresha Philpott, who has just started her salon Vanity Hair & Spa, said: “All of the speakers were really hitting points that have left me feeling inspired.”

Rosemary Jones, head of communications and marketing at the Bermuda Business Development Agency, said “the energy and honesty of the speakers” had been a highlight.

She added: “There are women from across different sectors and ages — I like to see so much diversity.”

Nicole Conrad Morrison, head of conferences and events at BDA, said: “It’s great to be around other women and today has been an opportunity for team bonding for us as well. There have been a lot of things said by the speakers that are sticking and getting me thinking.”

Colina Outerbridge, business data and policy analyst at the BEDC, and organiser of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Conference, said: “The event was a great success, and I know many women left the event feeling energised and have asked for more.

“Both the international speakers and the local panel of women were inspiring and offered up excellent real-life advice to the attendees. I know for many it was a great opportunity to relax and network with other like-minded women.”

For more information about events taking place during the month of November for Global Entrepreneurship Week, visit www.gew.bm

Inspirational conversation: international guest speaker Stacey Ferreira, left, and Trina Roberts listen while Kidist Emery speaks during the breakout session on “Levelling Up — Moving to the Next Level”, at the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Conference (Photograph supplied)