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Twizys at a discount for those needing transport

Heavy discount: Piers Carr of Current Vehicles in one of his Twizys (File photograph)

Electric rental car pioneers Current Vehicles are offering discounted long-term rates on Twizys for health service workers and others who need transport during the Covid-19 pandemic.Piers Carr, the company’s founder and chief executive officer, said: “What we are trying to do is help out those needing transport as a necessity as opposed to leisure rentals. “We are offering discounts to people who need to get to and from work, who need an extra set of wheels at this time. We are able to provide sanitised vehicles that we can get out with very little human interaction.”Twizys can be rented for a long-term rate of $30 per day, Mr Carr said, adding that was a 70 per cent discount.He said the company’s focus was on long-term rentals “as opposed to people who want a vehicle for one or two days”, although he said that short-term rentals are not prohibited.Mr Carr said: “We don’t want high volume, a lot of people interacting with our staff. We would rather people pick up vehicles for 30 days or more and be able to get to and from work.”He said renters can pick up a vehicle, or it can be delivered by one of Current’s 12 staff members.Mr Carr said he has contacted Meals on Wheels, and delivery services DropIt Delivery and Sargasso Sea “to see if they could use extra vehicles and extra drivers”.He explained: “We are trying to come up with ideas to keep people gainfully employed. No one has been permanently let go but shifts have been dramatically reduced. “That is one reason we are reaching out to other organisations to see if they need drivers and vehicles. We are trying to find ways to get our staff more hours. “At times like this, we have to be as creative as we can.” As Current’s normal rental locations have closed temporarily, rentals are being offered on an appointment-only basis, Mr Carr said.Current can be reached at info@currentvehicles.com