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One Business Unveils Brava

One Business Unveils Brava: A customer-centric provider of simple, accessible, and user-friendly business technology and IT solutions.

Hamilton, Bermuda. 11 April 2024 – One Business proudly announces the launch of Brava, a new business arm dedicated to providing cutting edge business solutions and cyber security services, for Bermuda.

Brava is a next-generation solutions provider committed to simplifying how companies do business by streamlining technology and delivering solutions that help enable evolution and adaptability to all businesses, regardless of size.

Brava's innovative approach introduces four key dynamic areas of expertise: Brava Connect (next-generation connectivity), Brava Stronghold (cybersecurity), Brava Cloud (cloud and infrastructure services), and Brava Synergy (unified collaboration and productivity). These solutions aim to proactively connect and protect, foster collaboration, boost performance, and enhance network resilience, all while tailoring internationally recognized solutions for Bermuda.

Brava is poised to redefine the ICT & Cybersecurity solutions and services landscape with a commitment to:

•Expertise-Driven Solutions: Leveraging One Business’s experience and investment in fibre, 5G, and technology, Brava is set to pioneer the future of integrated ICT, cloud, and cybersecurity services in Bermuda. The solutions are meticulously designed to address the distinctive challenges and opportunities of each business.

•Business Growth Without Distractions: Brava is dedicated to seamless technology integration, freeing organizations from IT complexities. By handling the intricacies of IT solutions and services, Brava enables businesses to concentrate on core activities and strategic initiatives for uninterrupted growth.

•Tailored Approach: Brava’s customer-centric approach allows the team to design solutions for each business. Brava provides customized strategies that align with business objectives, empowering clients in the digital landscape.

"Becoming Brava represents a significant milestone for us," said Niall Sheehy, CEO of One Communications. "It allows us to incorporate global expertise into our offerings, enriching the services we provide to our customers. At our core, we remain the same team you know and trust, but with expanded capabilities and more opportunities to assist businesses with enhancing their efficiency and growth.”

“As Chairman of the One Communications Board, I am excited to announce the launch of Brava, our B2B venture. This marks a significant leap forward into innovation, collaboration, and growth within the business landscape. The evolution from One Business to Brava paves the way for cultivating partnerships that will redefine the telecommunications and technology experience in Bermuda's business sector”, added Gary L. Phillips, One Communications Chairman.

In a comment by Brava’s CEO, Conor McGowan Smyth, he said, “I was lucky enough to call Bermuda my home for nearly 10 years. Bermuda offers the best of both worlds, providing a paradise to live in and the global center of insurance, reinsurance, financial services, and a thriving local business community. I am so excited to launch Brava here. Brava represents a totally new and modern approach to connectivity, ICT and Cyber Security solutions. We are bringing cutting edge international solutions designed specifically for Bermuda customers, delivered in Bermuda by our on-island team of experts.”

Brava is set to be a transformative force in the ICT solutions and services industry, creating new jobs in the ICT and cybersecurity sector and offering expertise-driven, distraction-free solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital era.

For more information, please visit www.brava.solutions

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