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Memorial Race Day honours fallen heroes

Aiden Lopes

The Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Club’s Memorial Race Day started with a two-lap ride to honour fallen riders Toriano Wilson, Navell Ricky T. Darrell, Marvin Robinson, Wilfred DeGraff, and Kyle Pimental.

After a dominating performance by Blair Jones in the season opener last month, the front runners were back out leading the group of scooter racers in heat one last weekend.

The Scooter 70 class involved Jacari Renfroe, Blair Jones and Marcus Pimentel, the Scooter 4-Stroke class had Brandon Adams, Aiden Lopes, and Sheun Simmons, and the Scooter Open class included Ricky Wade, Devon Bailey and Kenny DeSilva, who was looking to make up for the previous race day’s mechanical problems.

As the flag dropped, youth racer Aiden Lopes took the lead into turn one followed closely by Jones, who, along with DeSilva and Bailey, quickly made it around Lopes and began what would become a race-long battle.

Coming down the front straight at the end of lap one, the pressure took out the first racer when Marcus Pimentel was hit with a catastrophic failure when his clutch failed, causing his rear wheel to lock up until he slid to a stop at the end of the front stretch.

Pimentel managed to control his machine and walk away, albeit, forced off the grid for the remainder of the day. As the laps went on, the battle between DeSilva, Bailey and Jones intensified as they pulled away from the rest of the pack.

DeSilva held off Bailey and Jones to be the first to take the chequered flag.

Matthew Chinapoo-Simons joined in for heat two after overcoming tuning issues. At the flag drop, Lopes again flew to the front of the pack but was quickly passed in turn one by Jones, DeSilva and Bailey, who flew up from the back of the grid.

The three front runners again pulled away from the rest, leaving Lopes to hold down fourth place followed by Adams, Chinapoo-Simons, Renfroe and Simmons.

Bailey and DeSilva managed to push their machines even harder, leaving Jones to slowly fall off pace with every corner.

As the laps went on, Bailey’s bike began to lose momentum. The experienced rider was left undeterred as he gave the bike his all until it finally gave in on lap eight, leaving DeSilva to claim the win.

Jones took second place overall while Lopes took third. Adams made up some ground and came in behind Lopes, with Chinapoo-Simons holding off Renfroe, who was unable to finish because of bike troubles. Simmons, who is new to the 4-Stroke class, completed heat two comfortably.

In the third heat, radar guns clocked the top three racers of pushing 121kph. Two major races appeared on track with the first between DeSilva and Jones, and the second taking place between Wade and Lopes. DeSilva showed his young team-mate Jones the way around lap after lap, while Lopes appeared to hold off Wade for the majority of the race.

Adams was not too far behind but just did not have the speed to keep up. Simmons kept a consistent pace throughout.

At the chequered flag, DeSilva held the lead followed closely by Jones. Wade made it past Lopes on lap eight.

Adams came in soon after while Simmons took the chequered flag, which wrapped up another great day of racing.